Teten C. Ihekweazu was born to a polygamist family at Aba, of then Eastern Nigeria, but later converted to Catholicism by accident through his uncle who happened to attend a Catholic institution – Christ the King College, Onitsha, Nigeria.

After attending Christ the King School, Aba, the author took his secondary education at Saint Patrick’s College, Calabar, and later worked in the Nigerian Post Office for seven years before coming to the United States through his brother (now deceased), in whose memory this prayer book is written.

The author holds a Master’s degree from Jacksonville State University, Alabama, and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado at Denver, Colorado.

Teten Chris Ihekweazu lives with his wife and four grown children with their dog at Aurora, Colorado. He likes taking pictures as a hobby and reading for fun. However, this is his first published work.

The author likes the simplicity of life since we live in a world full of vanity, and believes that life without God is like protoplasm without nucleus.

He says, one’s greatest act of charity is to share God’s gift with one another, according to a spiritual law of comparative advantage that shall enable us to make our spiritual life of today better than that of yesterday and that of tomorrow better than that of today (General Charles de Gaulle).

That’s the theme of FORSAKE ME NOT.

For those who pray with this Prayer Book:

“…I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow; but remember that our earthly life is too brief.” (Author Unknown)